Funny Road Trip

Tested on our own kids.

Even a long trip by car can be entertaining

Are your children bored when travelling by car? Don’t listen to their “Are we there yet?” every five minutes. Load new funny passengers into your car with the Funny Road Trip application and see how fast your journey will go by. You might be thinking, “Oh no, they’ll just be using their cell phones for the whole trip again!?“ Don’t worry! Your children will interact with you and their surroundings.

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Koho s sebou do auta

  • McBronx

    I’m an MC, it’s rad to travel with me. MC Bronx is my name and rapping is my game. Hamburgers and fries, I’ll open your eyes before the destination arrives. Just choose me, you won’t regret, we’re gonna have some fun and your trip will be set.

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  • Emil DaElektra

    I fly on a rocket, that’s just how I rock it. I’ll take you to the stars, before you know it you’ll be out of the car. Take Emil with you and you won’t be blue. I’m a travelling robot and I’ll travel with you.

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  • Sushi Sakura

    Konichiwa, I’m Sushi Sakura, from the land of the rising sun. Take me with you on a trip and I’ll show you all the wonders of nature. I’ll teach you a few basic Japanese words, and we’ll be there before you can say “sushi”. In the name of all Sakuras, let us travel!

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  • Seňor Tortilla

    Seňor Tortilla, Buenos dias, I’m glad to see ya! You’ll see a dance from Mexico, with me it’s never stop-and-go. I got a moustache and a sombrero and I’ll dance the Bolero. Your trip will pass in no time, morning or evening, homies feelin’ fine!

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How it works

Choose one of the four virtual hitchhikers. Every hitchhiker has unique features and provides you with a different type of fun. Listen to this hitchhiker character, look around you and enjoy fulfilling the tasks. Each hitchhiker has fifty unique tasks prepared for you and during the game he will give you bonus curiosities. Funny Road Trip can entertain you for hours. During the game you can change the languages of the hitchhiker’s voice so you can train new vocabularies in different languages. If you fulfill all the tasks, you can choose a different character of hitchhiker and enjoy Funny Road Trip again and again!

Main features

  • 4 unique characters which talk to your children and give them tasks

  • every character provides you with 50 unique tasks

  • authentic dubbing by native speakers

  • funny curiosities from the home country of the hitchhiker character

  • easy control by shaking your cell phone or sliding along your cellphone’s touch screen

  • language training options – switching between languages during the game

  • active playing among all people on board, unlimited number of children and adult players

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